Don’t think Chinese people are not religious people any more

反者道之动 is proposed by Lao Zi over 2500 years ago. It cannot be translated as a whole in my opinion because you lose the meaning in full if you do. But word by word translation can be helpful, because then you can try to understand the meaning of the sentence in a more correct way.

反:the opposite. the reversed. 者:the thing, the person, that one. 道:the law, the causes, the whys of things. 之:of . 动:tendency, moves, acts, state of action.

If you try to combine the word translation into English, then it is:

The opposite of the thing is the state of action of the law of things.

Lao Zi is in a period of time when he is consulted by mostly political figures and kings. So this line would serve very well to the king if the king is facing a managerial problem of his country. There will be always a force to against another force and that’s the law, otherwise, the intial force won’t be felt as a force from the beginning. That’s whey 动 is described as the state of 道. And 道 is a very very powerful word in Chinese people’s root of heart. They may be brought upon all kinds of Gods from all over the world, but why are Chinese people still free of religion? One reason is that they have a better religion-type of belief system in place already which is this:  道.

This is really not my idea and I don’t think that I can never come up with this idea but I felt I agree with it. Let’s look at all the meanings of this word. You must know that Chinese word can have many many meanings and sometimes they are not even relavent as it appears. 道 could mean road (道路), a line(道子), reason(道理), law of nature(问道). It would be a unit like one 道 of light.

In China, the law has never been very believing to people. But this, 道, or 道理, has be widely accepted as the thing no one would deny that everyone should obey. It means “reason” in English if you translate “道理”. But you see, that’s the different stuff in Chinese language. The term “道理” is combined by “道” and “理”. So each word of these two somehow puts a weight onto the total meaning of the term. That’s why I said that it’s deeply rooted in Chinese’s mind, almost inescapable.

If a priest comes to China, Chinese call what he does “布道”. 布 means spreading. See? So don’t think that Chinese has no religion or not Chinese people are not religious. China has another thing called “道”. It’s the “Dao” people that you might have heard. Which is the branch Lao Zi created. 道 is way older than Lao Zi. You might want to know about this book “易经” if you really want to dig more about “道”. Confucious has said when he was 40s that he hopes to have seen “易经” earlier, then he would have had made fewer mistakes in his life.

I opened the “易经” couple of times, the language is too ancient for me. After the first line, I quit. The first line is kinda cool. “乾, 元贞利亨”. I am not going to start translating. Truth is, I don ‘t know how. Each word has its meaning of goodness. And tell you one thing. The first word has the meaning of male, sky, great, big, open.

Madeleine Stowe

I guess I am late to see her beauty. It’s from the TV show called “Revenge” that I started to notice her.

It’s very rare to see someone live out of age. She is that type of woman. The age is not an issue. Because every move of her is based on a very good shape of her figure.

I started to watch again this movie called “The general’s daughter” which she played with John Travolta when she is very young. You know what, she is not as strikingly beautiful as in “Revenge”. I guess it’s because of the stillness of her move, her stare and her speech at the older age which is absolutely bringing a lot of time and space to the people who are watching her to be able to recognize and feel her good looking.

“Revenge” is not very catching to me, except her.


Krysten Ritter

First saw her in “Breaking Bad”.

She has a relatively small head which makes her looking especially good with a hat, any hat.

And her neck is the beauty of all, personally.

I wonder when she can be in part of a movie that really makes her a star. In women of all, she is rare pretty.


Wang Li Qun 王立群

This is someone you might not even hear about because he is a Chinese and I don’t think he speaks English at all.

He starts to get attention recently because he is talking about history on TV. His major was literature in ancient times of China. He lived through thick and thin. You know, the early days of China after 1949.

What is amazing about his work is not only that he can understand but also he can speak it loud. This may sound easy but it is really not. Most of people can be great enough only to be able to understand something perfectly. To be a teacher and a good one to be able to interpret into speaking words, it’s not easy.

The Chinese ancient books have an ancient way of using Chinese words. Same word, even still used today, might be used differently in ancient days, not very differently though. Most of the time, the words are just very rare to see today any more. That becomes no problem for him to use. And he always remember to explain a bit when he used it.

The patience learning takes to let someone sink into something so remote from comteporary knowledge is huge and he has it.

Sometimes I just wonder how much he really knows because his ability to jump into the depth of thing is shockingly remarkable. It’s only the fixed time of the TV programme that stopped him from bringing too much information to me.

It reflects to me sometimes, when I see the knowledgable part of him, that he actually lived so hard in this younger years, I feel really bad. Then I know, all the people from the ancient books that he read about, are the real friends he cares and feels deeply as he can, only he can. Harsh stories needs to be understand by people who has harsh experience, sometimes.

Recently he said on his weibo ( Chinese twitter )

History is past, but history never past.

I know that life is short. I know that we also expect to live long. But really, very few really know anything about living. Because we just live. It’s not something we need to consider deeply but we should. Shall we live at the moment? Shall we live in history side by side with all the great guys before us? Yeah, questioning seems always more important than answering. It’s not our goal either to be able to answer it as well. It’s simply that we should throw out the question because it’s very important that we ask.

A new movie called “2 Guns” with one guy in the movie said

It’s not the justice you are fighting for, it’s the guy next to you.

This is exactly the point of being alive. There are a lot of bullshit in something like “business is business”, “men are born equal”. It’s not that they are wrong. It’s that they are not always right. Because after all, we are human. What are we if we exclude all the personal feelings and differences out of our existence. Could we?

In case you can understand Chinese, here is a link you can watch his programme talking about the first emperor in Qi dynasty.


James Gandolfini

You are out of your tree.

No, it’s just “remember when” is the lowest form of conversation”.

There are more that he said in the show that I can still remember. There is a lot of good shit in the show.

David Chase once said it’s him when they see him. I agree. An actor influences hugely the role. It’s not something normal. I’ve seen it happen on Al in “Deadwood” played by Ian. David Milch, the creator, is willing to change the script because of the actor, to let the actor be more like the actor himself, not the role.

What a remarkable bunch of people! So easy to change to something better. So sensitive to make something remarkable grow.

I hear the music sometimes shed emotions not from the song but the singer inner soul. That’s the time I know I get touched personally, not for everybody, privately connected.

Yeah, like love.







酒店的早餐很丰富,服务的女 士看到我桌子上的空瓶,主动问我要不要给我装些水。我拿着新买的Roma pass, 找前台去问要不要上网activate, 她说什么也不用做,上车上地铁都不用刷卡,真的很方便。 Roma pass三天有效,好像最大的好处是我看完角斗场,找到地铁就进去,一问才知道应该从另一个口进去到对面坐车,用Roma pass也不用担心这种晕头转向的感觉,直接再出去找到另一个口就好了。

知道什么叫计划赶不上变化吗。我离开酒店本是想找到地铁直接去西 班牙广场, 左右一拐,没走十分钟竟撞见了角斗场,我简直不敢相信眼前的景色,惊喜的感觉真是难忘呀。赶忙拿出相机,垮垮垮,这叫一个照。 从正门进去,很多人都在买耳机或是雇导游,我本也想加入,可队伍好长,没耐心的我用了一个Roma pass上的免费门票,直接冲进去饱眼福…..  Guess what, 好有气势呀! 图片上的角斗场是具有建筑美感的,但当站在它面前,直接被带进一个罗马旧梦, it’s magnificent.

接下来我直接坐B线到termini站转A线,到Flaminio站,开始往回走一个个地看。人民广场的热 闹、西班牙广场喧闹的年轻学生,许愿喷泉边久久不舍得离去的情侣,万神殿的庄严,纳沃纳广场贝尔尼尼的四河喷泉… 我其实是被惊着过的这一天,心有疑惑: 这是天作还是人为?

路上看见冰激凌店吃了仨,疯了,pizza吃了一片其他都打包。说明:1. 美食独自享受就变成了填肚子;2. 我体重不保。




Happy new year!  Dreams do come true you know?